Sunday, September 6, 2009


The facts stated below are not meant to scare all the credit card holders in United States but they are true. Many Americans are suffering from the effects of the global economy crisis. It is in fact a reminder to everyone to manage their finances in a smarter way.

1)There are 80% of American households holding at least one card currently.

2)According to a rough calculation, there are about 1.2 billion of credit cards in use in United States

3)In average, each cardholder owns at least 3 bank credit cards, not including petrol cards yet

4)78% of undergraduate students have at least one card

5)The growth of credit card loans has been faster than any other type of consumer loans

6)According to Consumer Federation of America, the average debt amount for each household has exceeded USD 10, 000. It shows that Americans owe more in card debt rather than for education

7)According to our Federal Reserve, the total credit card debt allocated by the citizens has reached the amount of USD 665 billion

8)About 60% of cardholders carry their debts from month to month
Each month, the payment made by the cardholders is only 16% of their overall outstanding balances

9)According to the research done among all the banks, the average interest rate for credit cards in United States is 13.4%

10)In normal circumstances, a cardholder needs almost 22 years to clear a USD1,000 charge on the credit card and he or she needs to pay additional USD2,300 in interest

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cure A Debt

It's amazing to me how many American's have HUGE credit card debt. I don't blame them, I blame the credit card companies. They give outrageous limits, charge high interest and blast you with fees for everything, no wonder people can't pay them off! Credit card companies make it so easy to get in debt but offer no solutions to help you get out of debt. Why would they, they're making money. They don't care if you lose your house, car, or pride! I speak from experience on this subject and would like to offer a solution, one that I myself used.

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